Keep on Truckin’

    Have you ever seen a Fed Ex truck whizzing by with writing on the side touting its low emissions? Supermarket chains are getting in on greening their delivery fleets too. Major chains, Meijer and Winn-Dixie are purchasing efficient, low emissions diesel trucks which are expected to reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxides emissions from the air. Meijer itself projects a 47 percent reduction in particulate matter, a 55 percent reduction in nitrous oxide and a 3 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions – Of course, this is a good marketing campaign but it is also a boon to their bottom line by reducing their fuel costs over time (they wouldn’t be doing it otherwise). Green can be profitable too!

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      >These is a good news. An eco-friendly action for vehicles. I just hope many people will also do this and be Green.

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