Bob Leonard - Founder & CEO

Bob is the founder of A 25 year veteran of the advertising and promotion industry, he created Earthgarage to help drivers make their car greener, save money and make an impact on the environment. Bob is a bit of a car nut, participating in autocross events, some track time at Lime Rock and never fails to miss the New York Auto Show. He resides in Manhattan with his wife Jennifer.

William Scheckel - CMO

William Scheckel is a marketing advisor whose expertise includes social media, branding, marketing communications and public relations strategy. He has worked with many of the world’s leading brands, including SAP, IBM, Shell and Deutsche Bank. He teaches social media at the New York Institute of Technology and advises start-ups and growing companies around the globe on customer care, audience engagement and product launches.  When he’s not with his son on the playground, you’ll find him behind a bass or alto sax playing the blues he learned as a student in Chicago’s South Side.

Jim Henderson - Consultant

Jim is an energy auditor who specializes in energy reduction measures and reducing the carbon footprint of NYC multi-family buildings. He has spent considerable time under the hood of the used cars he has owned over the years with his trusted Chilton Automobile Guide.  Jim's done it all, from changing spark plugs to replacing the engine of an old Chevelle and the transmission of a 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.  He now likes to keep his hands clean and relies on his bike, mass transit and Zipcar to get around town. Jim resides in Manhattan with his wife and daughter.

Justin Velella - Contributor

Justin graduated from Baruch College where he was president of the Environmental Cooperation Organization (ECO) Club, which promoted environmental awareness and sustainable initiatives on campus.  Currently a publicist for St. Martin's Press, his personal and professional passion lies in environmental issues.  As a diehard car enthusiast, Justin tries to incorporate his love for automobiles and the burgeoning green advancements into his writing.  



Rick Barnhart

Rick is the principal of Retail Tire Consulting, LLC, a firm that provides tire retailers with operational, HR, training, and bottom line improvement solutions. Previously, he was EVP of Tire Discounters, leading chain in Ohio.

Dennis DeLeonard

Dennis is a seasoned automotive aftermarket marketing professional and enthusiast who truly cares about the environment. He started his career as an apprentice for Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart, Germany and has held a number of significant positions in the industry including American Car Care Centers, Inc. and Continental General Tire.

Miles Flamenbaum

Miles is President & CEO of SOMS Technologies, the manufacturer of the microGreen oil filter.





Give Water a Brake!

Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.


Give Water a Brake!

Traditional brake pads are made of some really nasty materials including asbestos, lead, antimony and copper. Every time a driver steps on the brakes, these materials come off the pads in the form of brake dust. When these toxic materials are released into the air, they work their way into the water table and contaminate the water supply for animals and humans alike.

California and Washington have already passed legislation that will eventually remove all copper from brake pads. Rhode Island and New York have introduced similar bills that have not yet been passed.

We believe this legislation should be in effect throughout the U.S. and Canada. Together we can put pressure on our legislators to remove these toxic materials from the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Sign the petition and tell legislators to give us a brake that won't destroy the environment.

This petition initiative is sponsored by Eco-Stop, the only copper-free brake pad currently on the market. We are also working with leading water resources and other environmental groups. Together we can make a difference. After you sign, be sure to spread the word to your friends and family.


The Earthgarage Team

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Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.

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