1-800-RECYCLING.com is a dynamic recycling and green living-focused website that makes recycling, conserving, reusing and living wisely easy. The website features comprehensive recycling location database that gives the user the ability to easily assemble a recycling to-do list.




AskPatty.com is a safe and reliable source providing women with expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, auto service and repair centers, the revolutionary AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendly® program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers.


Auto Warranty  

Warranty headquarters provides a variety of auto warranty types including powertrain, federal emissions and corrosion warranties.


The Edison Awards

The Edison Awards are known around the world for recognizing and honoring innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services.



The Green Divas

The Green Divas radio show offers listeners information on green or sustainable living from a guilt-free, low-stress perspective making information accessible to a broad audience using credible information, humor and technology. The weekly, one-hour internet-based radio broadcast is interactive through blog, social media and live call-in chats with listeners. Regular segments include a weekly interview segment with high-profile celebrities and green living experts on various topics relating to healthier, more sustainable living.




Greenfudge.com offers environmental news from a European perspective.  Focusing on issues like climate change, ecology, nature, the environment, controversial issues, human rights and preservation Greenfudge aims to spread natural awareness and advocacy.



Green Irene

Your local Eco-Consultant will lead your family to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while saving you money. Our Eco-Consultants offer $99 Green Home Makeovers, Go Green Workshops, as well as the best green home and office products including our line of Enzymatic cleaners. Let them be your outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer for your small business.



GreenTowns is a network for sustainable communities that is connecting and celebrating local sustainability initiatives and the people supporting them.



Juiced Hybrid

Juiced Hybrid offers online distribution of a large selection of hybrid accessories for all makes and models include Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, Nissan Altima and more.




Women-Drivers.com is meeting the demand by empowering women to have respectful and fair experiences at car dealerships in the United States.  The site connects women to Certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ Dealers and publishes a platform of services to qualifying dealerships to distinguish and market their stores. The company provides car dealers with distinct, web-based marketing solutions and integration that build trust and transparency, resulting in greater sales and servicing from women.


Give Water a Brake!

Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.


Give Water a Brake!

Traditional brake pads are made of some really nasty materials including asbestos, lead, antimony and copper. Every time a driver steps on the brakes, these materials come off the pads in the form of brake dust. When these toxic materials are released into the air, they work their way into the water table and contaminate the water supply for animals and humans alike.

California and Washington have already passed legislation that will eventually remove all copper from brake pads. Rhode Island and New York have introduced similar bills that have not yet been passed.

We believe this legislation should be in effect throughout the U.S. and Canada. Together we can put pressure on our legislators to remove these toxic materials from the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Sign the petition and tell legislators to give us a brake that won't destroy the environment.

This petition initiative is sponsored by Eco-Stop, the only copper-free brake pad currently on the market. We are also working with leading water resources and other environmental groups. Together we can make a difference. After you sign, be sure to spread the word to your friends and family.


The Earthgarage Team

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Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.

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