Edison Best New Product Award®

Nominate your new product or service for a 2013 Edison Best New Product Award®.

The Edison Awards are dedicated to recognizing innovations by celebrating the innovative spirit of Thomas Edison in the 21st Century.  The impact of having an Edison Best New Product Award bestowed upon your innovation can be tremendous, reaching well beyond recognition by your peers and competitors and out into the world marketplace.

Originally established in 1987, the Edison Best New Product Awards have honored some of the most innovative products, services and business leaders from around the world.  The awards recognize new products or services in twelve different categories, ranging from Consumer Packaged Goods to Science & Medical to Transportation to Energy and Sustainability and Living, Working and Learning environments.

A sample of previous winners includes:

•    3M Mobile Projection Technology from 3M
•    CarMD Handheld Car Tester from CarMD
•    iFood Assistant  from Kraft
•    Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets from Henkel
•    Honeywell Wind Turbine from Windtronics

“Being a recipient of the prestigious Edison New Product Award has opened many new doors for our firm,” said Art Jacobsen, general manager of CarMD Corp. “Relationships and partnerships forged during the event itself and as a result of the award have significantly helped to further our brand recognition among stakeholders, media, the online community and target customers.”

Visit www.edisonawards.com to see a list of award categories and learn more about the 2012 Edison Awards.

Nominations are open through December 21, 2011. We look forward to recognizing and honoring your innovation at the Edison Award Gala in New York City in April, 2013.

Give Water a Brake!

Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.


Give Water a Brake!

Traditional brake pads are made of some really nasty materials including asbestos, lead, antimony and copper. Every time a driver steps on the brakes, these materials come off the pads in the form of brake dust. When these toxic materials are released into the air, they work their way into the water table and contaminate the water supply for animals and humans alike.

California and Washington have already passed legislation that will eventually remove all copper from brake pads. Rhode Island and New York have introduced similar bills that have not yet been passed.

We believe this legislation should be in effect throughout the U.S. and Canada. Together we can put pressure on our legislators to remove these toxic materials from the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Sign the petition and tell legislators to give us a brake that won't destroy the environment.

This petition initiative is sponsored by Eco-Stop, the only copper-free brake pad currently on the market. We are also working with leading water resources and other environmental groups. Together we can make a difference. After you sign, be sure to spread the word to your friends and family.


The Earthgarage Team

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Help us ban toxic materials in brake pads in the U.S. and Canada.

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